Fair Trade in the Highlands and Islands

 Supported by the Scottish Fair Trade Forum

Fairtrade in Highlands and Islands is a campaign being run by David Stewart MSP with support from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum to encourage a significant increase in the use of Fairtrade products across the region. The campaign aims to support good work being done by volunteers, Fairtrade groups, churches and Local Authorities to encourage Fairtrade.

Aims of the Campaign  

Supporting Organisations 

What we're doing  

How can you help?

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Aims of the Campaign



The campaign aims to support good work being done by Local stockists of Fairtrade products,volunteers, Fairtrade groups, churches and Local Authorities to encourage Fairtrade use across every part of society in the Highlands and Islands from individuals and families right through to large organisations with a particular focus on the public sector.


The Key aims of the campaign are :

Public Sector

  • Getting each Local Authority in the Highlands and Islands to achieve Fairtrade Zone status.

  • Encouraging all large Public Sector organisations to promote the use of Fairtrade and sourcing ethical products. Primarily these include NHS Health Boards, Police Forces, and other Government Agencies.

  • Encouraging all publicly funded Transport Operators in the region to promote the use of Fairtrade products. These include FirstScotrail, East Coast, Caledonian MacBrayne, Northlink and Highlands and Islands Airports Authority.

  • Education

  • Promoting Fairtrade in schools ensuring all school pupils have understanding of Fairtrade and access to Fairtrade products. Doubling the number of Fairtrade Schools

  • Promoting Fairtrade in UHI and partner colleges. Campaigning for UHI to become a Fairtrade University.

  • Companies

  • Encouraging Private employers to promote Fairtrade products in company canteens and to source ethical products.

  • Encouraging Wholesalers, Cash & Carries and Retailers to stock Fairtrade products

  • Encouraging

  • Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Eateries, Coffee shops to offer Fairtrade products.


  • Promoting Fairtrade at a community level in community groups, churches and encouraging the good work that is already being done in this area.

  • Supporting towns and villages to achieve Fairtrade status.

  • Doubling the number of Fairtrade towns.

  • Sports grounds and Leisure facilities

  • Community centres.


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    Supporting organisations

  • The campaign is being supported by theScottish Fair Trade Forum.

  • A statement from Martin Rhodes, Director of SFTF said:                                                                                                                                            "The Highlands and Islands have led the way in so many ways in supporting Fair Trade for many years. I welcome the involvement of so many campaigners from across the region in towns, islands, villages and city communities, schools, faith groups, businesses and local authorities in Fair Trade activities. It would be truly remarkable if all the local authority areas in the region were to be successful in achieving Fairtrade Zone status. I am pleased to support this petition to help achieve this.We are currently working gaining support from other organisations. "

  • If you belong to an organisation that would like to support the campaign please get in touch with us.  

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    What we're doing

  • We have written to all the major public sector organisations

  • Meetings with FT representatives and groups.

  • Motions and questions in the Scottish Parliament.

  • Planning a large event in the New Year (info to follow)

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    How can you help?

  • Join the Campaign

  • Write letters to your local council and companies

  • Use customer influence - this really works

  • Organise local events

  • Through talking to people you know or your employer. Do you work at a UHI College, at a local school or at Scotrail for example?


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    Petition Question

    I, the undersigned, support the campaign to make the Highlands and Islands Fair Trade; to see all Local Authorities in the region gain Fairtrade Status; to double the number of Fairtrade Schools and towns in the region and to see the UHI Millennium Institute (and partner colleges) achieve Fairtrade University Status alongside its new university title.     

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